Telecoms and M2M

Telecoms and M2M applications are rapidly growing markets due to the development of applications with a strong electronics element.

In the face of societal requirements more and more services are developing around M2M applications and the Internet of Things continues to develop.

BMS CIRCUITS and the Telecoms and M2M sector

As a result of its 40 years of experience in the sector BMS CIRCUITS controls equipment from the core network to the terminals using optical multiplexing equipment (information highway).

Our assets
  • Mastery of the 3 communication technologies : Copper, Fibre Optic and Radio
  • Mastery of the whole range of radio frequencies : Wifi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, depending on the problems of distance and energy of our clients’ equipment
  • Contribution to the definition of the test protocol
  • Configuration of telecoms bays on request
  • Practicality of a complete panel of worldwide module suppliers
  • GSM : Millions of GSM GPRS units sold in Europe to general public and private or encrypted networks
  • After-sales service and repairs
  • Copper and optical transmission equipment deployed in all the networks in the world (ADSL, SHDSL, SDH technologies, etc.)
  • Terminals and modems as stand alone or integrated as sub-assemblies in application equipment (payment terminals, remote monitoring equipment, alarm monitoring centre)
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