Railway infrastructures

The railway infrastructures market is a growth market due to the continuous deployment of automation and the growth in information systems for operators and passengersProducts designed for this market require qualities linked to the safety requirements and specific standards of the profession.

BMS CIRCUITS and the railway infrastructures sector

BMS CIRCUITS, a French player recognised in the business, is making its skills in finished product integration available to its clients to provide a suitable electronics solution.

The assets
  • Supply of railway standard products
  • Control of product qualification cycles
  • Testing of RF products
  • Debugging of products in production
  • Client specific technical accreditation
  • Product with very long service life : management of service life
  • Sustainability of supplies and production
Our applications
  • Communications terminals meeting specific standards
  • Office or field terminals for the agent
  • Modem for machine to infrastructure communication
  • Delivery to the largest railway operators
BMS CIRCUITS - Avenue Paul Gellos - CS 90017 - 64990 MOUGUERRE - France - Tél : + 33 (0)5 59 58 57 56