Professional terminals

The generalisation of onboard applications in the commercial, distribution, logistics and remote reading sectors explains the development of the market for professional terminals over the last few years.

BMS CIRCUITS and the professional terminals sector

To meet the demands of this market, BMS CIRCUITS has the ability to provide you with industrial "turnkey" support and service, because of its specialisation in small and medium series.

The assets
  • Experience in the production of finished products
  • Design assistance
  • Mastery of communication protocols on professional terminals (Wifi, GSM, Zigbee, etc.)
  • Secure links, secure protocols
  • Hardening of products initially planned for domestic environments
  • Qualification in harsh environments
  • Debugging
  • Drop test
  • Supplier selection assistance (search for reliable components, significant service life, etc.)
  • Test protocol in real environment (reproduction in disturbed environment)
  • Logistics department and direct delivery to final clients
  • Outdoor terminals for railway operation
  • Payment terminals and components for payment terminals
  • Vehicle fleet tracking equipments
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