In the face of the appearance of new societal requirements, medical electronics have left the hospital and are now deployed at home. With the increasing willingness to keep patients in their own homes, and the increasing requirement to manage health and well-being remotely, the medical market requires the setting up of dedicated terminals and communications platforms at home, in line with the development of services to the individual.

BMS CIRCUITS and the medical sector

With the wealth of its 40 years experience in residential communications applications, BMS CIRCUITS makes available its expertise and its ability to deploy thousands of different finished product references at the service of a market requiring good management of product launches.

Our assets
  • Support from design, DFX, and industrialisation
  • Expert reports and qualification of production processes
  • ISO 8 production workshop
  • Complete traceability
  • Delivery of finished products
  • Wide range of test solutions
  • Remote management of a fleet of communications terminals (declaration, statement of information, upgrade functionalities)
  • Strategic supply and logistics chain management
  • Platform for the deployment of home services
  • Alarm system adapted to dependency and handicap
  • Sharing and transmission of health and sports information etc.
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