The electronics share in geolocation products is increasingly significantly and represents the major part of the cost of the productAimed at both the general public and professionals, the geolocation market is experiencing a boom due to the rapid development in the component offer and development platforms which accelerate product renewal.

BMS CIRCUITS and the geolocation sector

As the supplier of a product that is a reference in the world of geolocation applications and with its strong capacity for positioning itself as a supplier of finished products, BMS CIRCUITS is able to propose an offer adapted to this growing, active demand.

Our assets
  • Mastery of GSM, GPS and Bluetooth combined technologies
  • Provisioning of final clients
  • Manufacture of the finished product
  • Definition of suitable test protocols
  • Support for sourcing, mechanics and electronics issues
  • Driving assistance systems
  • Embedded payment terminals
  • Vehicle fleet management terminals
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