The energy sector is a market in constant growth worldwide due to the essential challenge of managing costs and access to energy for all.

This sector is constantly developing as result of the ever more complex problems of distributing the available energy in time and space, necessitating recourse to new families of automation.

The electronics/energy pair thus becomes an essential development tool for countries and regions.

BMS CIRCUITS and the energy sector

With the wealth of its 40 years experience in telecommunications, BMS CIRCUITS offers innovative electronic solutions at the interface between applications for telecommunications and those for energy management.

Our assets

BMS CIRCUITS is an historical player in the world of communications terminals, network products and boards for major industrial clients in the energy sector :

  • Integration and testing of RF components
  • Integration and testing of wired communications components
  • Industrialisation service and reliability analysis
  • Specific coating procedure
  • Dielectric testing
  • Rapid sequencing of the tasks of prototyping, industrialisation and launch of mass production
  • Integration into complex equipment bays
  • Customisation in project mode
  • Low and medium voltage safety products (Circuit breakers)
  • Network supervisor
  • Specific transmission cabinets
  • Industrialisation of new ranges of electric meters and new equipment designed for the smart grid market
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