Automotive Aftermarket

The automobile sector is constantly developingThe share of electronics in the automobile industry is always growing and drawn by top-of-the-range models manufactured in Europe, mainly linked to the replacement of mechanical components by electronic componentsThe car of tomorrow will be a communicating vehicle and manufacturers are developing a complete service offer.

BMS CIRCUITS and the automobile aftermarket sector

Due to focussing on a High mix/Low volume offer to meet the requirements of the automotive aftermarket sector and its synergy with MSL CIRCUITS, BMS CIRCUITS is making its skills available in onboard and mobile transmission to the world of the automotive aftermarket.

Our assets
  • ISO TS
  • Debugging
  • Components programme
  • Lean manufacturing
  • QRQC
  • Kanban and just-in-time delivery
  • MSL Circuits partnership
  • Electronic calculator
  • Tracking and vehicle fleet management application
  • Driving assistance system
  • Vehicle diagnostics stations
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